Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Animal Nights and the Workplace

Yesterday, I realized there are three types of animal lovers: those who do not let their pets sleep in their beds, those who let their pets sleep in their beds, and those are continue to sleep in the same bed as their pets even after said pets have peed in the bed multiple times.


Our beloved dog usually begins her night on our bed. First she'll try to cuddle between her Mommy and Daddy, but Mommy is a bit selfish and banishes her to the foot of the bed. Then she eventually gets tired of our tossing and turning (or, er, other activities) and leaps off to spend the night in her own bed. This is the extent of our bed sharing with our pet, and yet I still thought we were somewhat over the top. Until yesterday.

Yesterday, I reminisced with a coworker about a former coworker who used to come to work smelling ever so slightly of urine. A little investigation revealed that he slept with his animals, who sometimes had accidents in the middle of the night.

Accidents? Don't most animals have to wake up, then stand up, to go? Did he sleep through all of this? And did the morning shower do nothing to reign in the smell?

My coworker tells of a meeting where the offending smelly person sat in between herself and another guy. Both she and the other guy smelled the faint odor of pee, and were trying to surreptitiously sniff themselves just in case they'd rubbed against something or sat on something and were unaware. They caught each other doing this, and then both realized the smell came from "PEEEE"TA boy, who was innocently scribbling notes, unaware of his offense. She said they both had to immediately look away for fear of disrupting the meeting with howling, crying laughter.

My poor coworker, as his assigned mentor, ended up being the one having to counsel the poor guy about his hygiene habits. She suggested he take his pets to the vet. "I'm sorry your animals are incontinent," she said. "Maybe a vet visit and a quick shower in the morning for you?"

Clearly, I no longer believe we're over the top.

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