Friday, June 24, 2005

What goes around....

Tact is a relatively new skill I've learned. Previously, I suffered greatly from diarrhea of the mouth; I wouldn't notice that I'd said something insulting or gave too much information until it was already out there, a nice permeating stench.

But I've gotten better, especially because of people like a woman today who must have decided that turnabout was fair play. The other day, she walked by my office in a beautiful pantsuit. She is not what you'd call an obese woman, but she's definitely healthy. What I should have done was say, "You look nice," and returned my attention to my screen.

What I actually did was compliment her on the pantsuit, then add, "It's not every day that I see an outfit in here that I could actually wear."


"Because, you know... you still have a shape."


"So some of the clothes you wear...of course I couldn't wear - you are in such better shape than me," I finished lamely, the equivalent of using fishing line to sew up a patient after open heart surgery. She smiled and moved on.

Today, she complimented me on my blouse. "I like your cuffy shirt. And that's really a good look for you - with the darts? It gives you a waist."

Point, match, game.

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