Saturday, August 20, 2005

...And That's A Wrap.

We've been vacationing for the past week in the Los Angeles area. After a summer full of waiting patiently at intersections while the Brown Family from Idaho crosses Independence Avenue as slowly as possible, it was quite nice to be tourists ourselves for a change.

We did the usual, hokey, La La Land tourist stuff (the thing which struck me the most at Mann's Chinese Theater? Hollywood's leading men have really alarmingly small feet). I also bought three pants of pants because, as I explained to my curious husband, it was indeed different buying them here than in our own trusty Gap at the Pentagon Mall, so gimme a break.

What surprised me the most about Los Angeles, a city I'd never visited for pleasure before, was how completely different it was than how it is portrayed on television and film. I suppose it is the same as Washington in that area... look at television and you'd assume that everyone who lives in DC is a lawyer working on the Hill and has a view of the Washington Monument from every room in their hip, urban home (suburbs? What suburbs?).

Los Angeles is portrayed as a city of slick talking, beautiful rich people. LA Fact: there are just as many fat people cruising Sunset Avenue as there are anywhere else, they're just more tanned. And despite the blazing real estate market (I will never complain about DC prices again), we ran into very little evidence that the entire city was collecting royalties from their most recent blockbuster film. In fact, as my husband noted, "If this is the playground of the rich and famous, why are there still traffic jams? Wouldn't you take a helicopter instead of sitting in traffic?" Yes, Virginia, there is worse traffic than in DC.

What will I take away most from our visit? How much I missed home. The weather in LA can best be described by quoting one of the morning disc jockeys, who informed us that the weather for the week would be pretty consistent: gorgeous. Running air conditioning in the car? Needless. People wear flip flops twelve months of the year. DC, on the other hand, has been a boiling pot of humidity and poor air quality for the past three months, yet I missed it tangibly. There is something to be said for being home.

So tonight, we fly out on the red eye, landing at Dulles in the morning and tooling our way up the Toll Road to our house. There will be a pile of mail inside our front door, and the house will likely be rather stale from being shut up for a week. We'll have umpteen phone messages to return. School starts for my son on Monday, and we return to work. We'll be exhausted and hot for days.

I can't wait. :)


Smee said...

welcome back! :D

Anonymous said...

the grass is always greener, baby!