Friday, August 5, 2005

Divine Design

I've been interested in home decor for as long as I can remember. I used to pretend my childhood bedroom was actually a fabulous apartment (the rest of the apartment was behind the closet doors, in my head). I remember assigning myself the letter "B" and asking that people mail me at my parent's address, then add "Apartment B". I was weird.

But I was also rearranging the bed, building dream rooms for my Barbie, and pretending my mother's formal living room was a part of my 'apartment' when my parents weren't home (I'd drink Kool-aid out of the Crystal glasses and play classical music. Nerd).

So it stands to reason that I became hooked on looking at magazines and books and television programs about design. (Candace Olson of Divine Design, dearest: you can do anything to my house that you want, any time. As long as it's free.)

I have hardly become an expert (see posts below about my blue kitchen. Ahem), but I have learned a few truths which are indisputable:

1. There will always be at least one person who will look past all the nice things and find a flaw. Ignore that person. Or drown them.

2. Everyone has decorating opinions, they are all right, and they all know that you are lucky to benefit from their wisdom. Accept this early on.

3. Dinner parties last an average of four hours. You, however, are in your home for significantly longer periods of time. Do not decorate for parties. Decorate for living.

4. If you paint a tiny room white to make it seem larger, people will say, "Oh! The white really opens up the room!" No one will say, "Oh! What a large room!" Paint in colors you like, not to create illusions.

5. It is actually possible to have a nicely decorated house without ever purchasing anything from Pottery Barn.

6. If you have never seen it done before, anywhere, not even in a magazine, there is probably a reason for that.

7. Despite what you see on popular decorating shows, it takes more than three days to finish a room. Unless you have a crew of eighteen people.

8. If you feel you can't copy ideas from your friends, get new friends.

9. If you plan to have children, you should really make sure all pieces of furniture are okay to be sat upon. Chairs. Tables. Everything. This is not because you will have undisciplined children. This is because you will eventually be too tired to move one day, the sofa will be full of laundry, and the coffee table will need to support you.

10. You can have tons of money and hire a legion of interior designers and still have an awful looking home. If you do not believe me, Google 'Donald Trump's Apartment'.

And the biggest truth? If you really like something, and it will give you pleasure, just try it. You can always paint over a blue kitchen.


Dilly Dilly said...
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Smee said...

thank you for your wisdom. i shall soon be moving into my first family home with my fiancee and we have never decorated anywhere before.

Thank You