Friday, September 9, 2005

Can We Talk?

In December, I've agreed to speak at a high school career day. They are allowing speakers to submit topics, and I told them I wanted to talk about the importance of knowing how to communicate. I can't wait to impress upon these teenagers the necessity of knowing how to properly speak and write.

Every day, I encounter verbal and written grammatical errors which are just completely beyond. I'm not talking about your average spelling error... I'm sure my blog is riddled with them as I don't perform spell check. I'm talking about people who clearly have no idea of the proper word to use, so they simply make something up, or those people who can't connect two halves of a sentence if given both pieces in their hands.

Without further ado, please allow me to share a few nuggets from one of my favorite websites, Craigslist:

From a woman attempting to sell a kitchen cart:
I am moving, need to sell. I used this cart as a TV stand, which worked well considering the wheels allowed me to have a mobile entertainment center. : ) I purchased this from Ikea 10 months ago. It was unfurnished. I stained it with one of Ikea's stain. MzMannerz'Note: I think it would have been really picky of her to have expected a kitchen cart to come outfitted with a sofa and chair.

From a woman unloading her Pottery Barn Kids gear:
I have two rugs for sale by Pottery Barn Kids. One blue the other pink. For Girls. $150 each or $250 for both. * 100% Wool and 100% Cotton. * New, never used. * Sales new for over $300 at the store. MzMannerz' Note: That's SELL. S, E, L, L.

From a person selling their hardwood table:
Selling this wonderfull hardwood table. It easily fits 4 in regular size and it is extendable to fits 6-8 people. the legs can be dettached easily and it is easily operable. Now asking only $280 because it must go! I am been realocated overseas and need to sell all my stuff. Didn't like the price? Send me an offer and we negociate!! MzMannerz' Note: (Silence)

From a person selling end tables:
i have two HANNA Black Hi-Lacquer Finish 2pc End Tables Set with matching lamps iam not selling the coffee table just the end tables for more info please call camel at.... MzMannerz' Note: Do you think this person is out of breath? Where's the fire? It must have burned up the punctuation.

Ya. Looking forward to December.


Anonymous said...
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Beth Danae said...

I completely understand what you're saying..all of it. So irritating to read things written by people with absolutely no skill, especially when they think they're pretty good writers!

Have you heard the safeway commercial that says "giving are best"--drives me nuts! S/be Giving OUR best...
Or when people say oh (O) instead of zero. Bugs me...