Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Giving Thanks

I've never seen a cell phone factory. I've never met a person who works in a cell phone factory. Yet when I look at my cell phone, I believe that someone made it. I do not think that the cell phone just appeared after a series of random, natural occurrences. It was designed, then created. That is why I believe in cell phone factories. And among other reasons, that is why I believe in God.

Believing in God is not necessarily a popular thing, particularly if you choose to believe in God through the vehicle of Christianity. There are, unfortunately, people who have plundered the spirit of Christianity, and given others a bad view of it. I'm not a plunderer, however. I'm just a believer. The actions of other Christians are things I am aware of, but they are not things which determine what I believe. And I don't want to get into debates about which religion is correct, or who's wrong in the Iraq war, or whether or not there should be gays in the Catholic priesthood. Those are political items. I just want to spend a few paragraphs giving thanks to the God I worship. To that end:

Dear Lord:

Thank you for my family. Even when they drive me crazy, even when I drive them crazy (probably far more often). Even when my sisters are arguing, my son hasn't done his homework, and my husband has left the newspaper all over the house. Thank you for these experiences, and for them.

Thank you for my job. Even when I'm thoroughly bored. Even when decisions are made which are questionable to say the least. Even when accounting makes me wonder if we're all going to be hauled off to minimum security prison someday.

Thank you for my friends. Even when we disagree. Even if they insist my poncho is out of style. Even when they don't like me in red, or think I was hit hard over the head moments before deciding to buy that lamp.

Thank you for my life. Even when it's been difficult. When Varsha drowned when we were eight. When my parents were thinking of splitting up when I was twelve. When I stuck my tongue out at my older sister, and she promptly and thoroughly beat my arse when I was six. Thank you for sending me here (and anytime you want to let me know why you did, don't be shy).

Thank you for East Orange, New Jersey. Syracuse, New York. Atlanta, Georgia. Baltimore, Maryland. Annapolis. Takoma Park. Falls Church. Today.


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DCBrownie said...

Well said.

Happy Thanksgiving!