Thursday, December 15, 2005

Critic's Corner

Someone once said that television was a vast wasteland. I wouldn't go that far. The internet, by any account, is certainly vaster and full of more waste, to which I will add my unsolicited mini-reviews of a few television programs:

1. Desperate Housewives
I really like this show, but will someone please enlighten Teri Hatcher that her face is too tight? This is beginning to bother me. One wonders how she manages to blink and swallow. Hopefully they left her a little drawstring in back that she can loosen.

2. Grey's Anatomy
Someone needs to enlighten Sandra Oh: when a tall, dark and handsome doctor wants to cater to you, spoil you and make googly eyes over dinner, you don't resist. The only correction I'd make to this show is her insistance on pretending she doesn't notice that Isaiah Washington is fine as hell.

3. Love, Inc.
This is a UPN show, of which the only comment I have is that I didn't realize that Rick Fox was a flaming queen, nor that jherri curls had made a comeback.

4. Sixty Minutes
It would almost be sacrilegious to blog about television and not mention Andy Rooney's eyebrows. He has obviously made so much money that people are now afraid to tell him. Then again, there is also Donald Trump's hair....

5. The Apprentice
I would like this show a lot more if they would stop having more seasons of it than there are seasons in a year.

6. House Hunters
One of my favorite shows, which apparently exists solely so that people can buy expensive houses, allowing the host to say 'tippy top of their budget' nineteen times per half hour episode.

7. Sky Sports
Okay, this isn't exactly a show, it's a channel. A channel which is on a lot in my house, because my husband loves international sports. How do I define a lot? My only reason for including it here is so that I have documented backup during the divorce proceedings.

And there you have it. I'm sure TVGuide will be knocking on my door any second.


pearl said...

so, i like to scan through blogs even though i don't blog myself. i read a crazy pregnant ladies blog,(long story), and that Stephanie Klein blogs everyone seems to rave about, but today i stumbled on yours and read everything you've written that i was able to read in my hour break at the coffee shop i work at. i loved it. especially your XM radio rant, and stories from the marriage. anyway, your life sounds fun, i wish i was able to put my opionions on ,my mundane activities into words the way you do. maybe then i'd feel like i lived inside my own sitcom/drama and i wouldn't be so bored.

Annapolady said...

Thanks, Baby Bulldog. :)