Thursday, December 22, 2005

So A Rabbi, A Priest And I Walk Into A Bar....

It's that time of year. I'm always excited at the end of the year, and a little nervous. The excitement comes from all the possibilities I attach to new beginnings (despite the fact that I don't believe in waiting until the New Year to make resolutions. You can make resolutions you don't intend to keep anytime).

The nervousness comes from my mother's southern-african american-religious mix of spooky beliefs, including the one where God wipes out a bunch of people at the end of the year. Cleaning house. Like, only so many people can live into the next year, so if you haven't died yet, just be aware that the quota might be filled during the last week of December. Perhaps in 2006, I'll write more about my mother's beliefs and our relationship, thereby offering an explanation of my own barely existing sanity.

So, anyway, the year in review:

1. I did not gain any weight this year. Yay! Unfortunately, did not lose any either. Moving on.
2. My son became a high school student. I could have sworn my own high school graduation was last week. Still calculating how these two things could both be true.
3. My husband was a sweet, giving, wonderful man literally 99% of this year. Even through remodeling! I am blessed.
4. That other 1% however? Now that was a bitch. I am resilient.
5. My own sweet/bitch mix numbers are slightly more evenly weighted. But this is my blog. He can complain somewhere else. :)
6. My sister graduated with her master's degree from GW, and cemented her place as the smart one in the family.
7. So we are all telling her.
8. During my company's secret Santa game, I actually scored a very decent Homedics Clock Radio, which projects the time onto the ceiling. Pretty cool.
9. I finished all my work documents on time (miracle) and can now fly off to vacation next week with no regrets.

I wish everyone what I wish for myself: a thoughtful and fun few days remaining in the year, and a bountiful and full new year coming. As for the joke begun in the title of this blog, it's kind of like this year: however you imagine it ends, I hope it leaves all of us smiling.

Happy New Year.

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baby bulldog said...

i just read, "I'm the mommy?" and it seriously had me laughing out loud while i reviewed the events of your day. that posting is fantastic, LIKE ALL OF THEM, you have a great way with words, and though i'm about 10 years younger than you, i still totally related to that posting as i get used to being an adult and coming to terms with it rather than being in denial thinking this apartment and these bills just showed up for fun while i'm playing dressup. and man, watching my parents age.......