Friday, February 3, 2006

Sisterly Love

My sisters and I have a unique way of showing each other we care for one another. "Fat Head" was a favorite expression of ours. It meant, "I love you," and "You have a rather large face."

Today, I was supposed to meet one of my sisters at the school where she teaches, to drop off a package for our mother. I emailed her:

"We had a thing during lunch, so I need to come late. Or can you meet me? Like if I bought you some gas?"

This was her reply:

1. You are trifling.
2. How are you going to 'bring' me gas?
3. Wake your tail up in the morning, like people with REAL JOBS, so we will no longer have the problem of you running out of time.

Okay. So I replied:

1. I know I'm trifling, but we have the same parents, so you're trifling too.
2. I said BOUGHT, not BROUGHT. Reading is fundamental. BOUGHT means purchase. BROUGHT means bring. Uh, huh. Educator, my ass.
3. Whatever. It's not my fault they want you there at 1:82 in the morning.


Sisterhood. Ride til we die. Gotta love it.

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