Saturday, February 18, 2006

A Whole Lotta Nothing

For several days now, I have literally had nothing to say. I feel bad for the 1.5 readers out there who faithfully follow my blog (meaning they read it when the sites for their favorite newspapers are not working and their jobs have threatened to monitor IM and email once again).

Nevertheless, I am certain I have at least as many fans as Siegfried (sp) and Roy. Except I don't have the benefit of people being drunk when they purchase tickets (or in my case, click a link). And I don't have tigers. I'm also not recovering from being mauled by my pet, so I suppose I can't complain.

Yes, boys and girls. If you have not yet ascertained, I have been drinking. Sparkling wine. Three glasses. Life is great.

Anyway. In the spirit of blogging and writer's block, I am offer the following tidbits from recent life.

1. After meeting an old classmate my husband's, I informed my husband that my Gaydar had picked up a signal. Friend is batting for the home team. My husband has known this person longer than I have, of course, and responded, "Really, you think? I don't know - it's not like he ever came on to me or anything." I suggested that perhaps that meant that Friend was simply not interested in his ass. Now I know just exactly how conceited my life partner is. :)

2. Ever since I wrote my blog on walking, it's as if someone has hired people to demonstrate the opposite. Today alone, five different people simply stopped moving in the middle of a walkway, in front of me. Just stopped dead. No looking. No checking. The next time someone suggests that I believe the world revolves around me, I'm hauling their asses to the nearest BJ's for counter reference.

3. My husband and I seem to have differing views on the size our new house needs to be. He cited the recent infestation of McMansions as examples of houses which are too big. I cited the Biltmore house as a property which we'd have to add a few square feet to if purchased. Needless to say, we are still in discussions.

4. I finally realized why my husband becomes so amused when I make references to deciding whether or not to wear pants to work. When I say that, I am debating pants vs. jeans, etc. To my British born husband, however, pants are equal to panties. It definetely helps the marriage to understand the source of the guffawing.

5. My dog has had the worst case of gas in the time we've had her. At least we think. Neither my husband nor I have admitted to smelly bodily functions since we adopted something to blame.

And that is all. I am shortly off to a work trip overseas. Well. Over one sea, to be specific. But still.

I hope to return with stories of people who drive crazily, don't know how to walk, and are generally annoying, only living in Europe.

Tra la la.


Anonymous said...

You know I read your blog regularly. I'll miss you while you're away in that country across the sea. Have a blast!


Tulips said...

See, you have at least 2 *whole* fans, and I am entertained, without fail, everytime you write.

Anonymous said...

B in Atlanta makes 3 Dawn P (excuse me, Dawn D) blog fans.

Anonymous said...

I'm here too. I found your blog a few weeks ago and you passed my blog-audition: if at least one entry in the archives makes me either laugh out loud or or go "hmmmmm..." (showing my age here - Arsenio, anyone?) then I'm hooked.

Mz Mannerz, I think you did both.

Alison at Wardrobe Oxygen said...

I read you too! We like you! We really really like you!

Have a great trip, can't wait for some witty commentary from it!