Wednesday, March 1, 2006

Live From Holywood

No, I haven't forgotten how to spell. I'm in Holywood, a suburb of Belfast, Ireland. Well, technically my hotel is in Holywood, and I am currently in an office in a town called Bangor. No sign of a red carpet so far.

Ireland is not much different from the US, except where it is different, and then it is very different. For example, the exit signs. In the US, an exit sign is simply a sign that says, EXIT. Got it. In Ireland, the exit sign is a little cartoon man in a pose which can only be described as running for his life. This is Belfast. I am trying not to think about what events might have transpired to inspire the creation of a symbol which pretty much screams, "Get the hell out!"

But I digress.

This morning, a very attractive trio of what I believe were englishmen entered the hotel lobby as I waited for my coworkers. One, in particular, was exceedingly handsome, and well dressed with a very nice black, wool overcoat. The kind with the vent in the back. WHich he proceeded to reach through and pull his underwear out of his ass.

Yep. Not much different than the US, although I would hope that an American man would have at least had the courtesy to turn his arse in the opposite direction of watching people.

God Bless The USA.

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