Friday, July 14, 2006

Return To Sender

It amazes me that I have to hop on the internet and post a blog for you people, but things are getting out of control.

You! With the mouse! Step AWAY from the Reply All button!

There are only two reasons why someone would reply to everyone on an email distribution list:

1. Each person on the list critically needs to know the information being provided. For example, if someone suggests using the back door as a fire exit, and you know the back door rusted out three years ago, you might suggest an alternative to the group.

2. That someone? Is annoying.

I've never understood the pull of Reply All. Do these people need to form chat groups? Do they not talk to anyone else all day?

I really should not have to take it upon myself to blindly copy everyone in my email for fear that my friends will have their email addresses hijacked. This is a matter of self control.

Please find some!

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