Thursday, July 13, 2006

A Two Post Day

Today, my husband became an American citizen. I was awed by the experience.

America. As a women of African descent, I have a bag full of feelings about my country, all coated with a layer of love and pride. I am grateful to be in a place which means it in every sense of the word when it calls me free.

Certainly, this country has had its share of struggles, challenges, and embarrassments. Like any large family, you can pluck out people who either went too far, or worse, did nothing at all when they should have. But the existence of those individuals does not translate into the absence of the family as a whole. We are flawed, but we are one, and we have a lot to be thankful for.

Everyone should visit an immigration office to see people of every shade and shape beaming as they take their oaths of citizenship (and to see them all wondering what the heck a "potentate" is, since they promise to not be aligned with one ever again).

A couple asked me to take a picture for them and email it. I did it as soon as I returned to work. The wife wrote back, saying, "I don't know if you can know, but this is the most important day of our lives."

While my husband certainly didn't come from a war torn or poverty stricken place (although I suspect he wanted citizenship because of our abundance of central air conditioning), seeing the country he pays taxes to, tends a lawn within, married into and supports finally accept him as its son after years of paperwork, I think that yes: I can know.

God Bless The USA.

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Patty said...

Congratulations to your husband