Thursday, September 7, 2006


This is the month with the name I love the most, and is definetely high ranking on my list of favorites overall. September is the beginning of a melancholy decline; the leaf padded room between the end of total freedom and the beginning of that period when we spend our few daylight hours working.

Or at least that's how if feels. I haven't actually had total summer freedom for eighteen years, but let's not be picky. When the sun is shining for nine million hours a day, it feels like I can do whatever I want.

And so every September I get a little bummed, and a little excited. I'm bummed because mentally, I feel like I'm tugging on the tights and mary janes, gearing up to spend all day contemplating whether or not that's a wig on Mrs. Brown's head yet again this year. But I'm excited because the holidays are approaching, meaning I'll see a lot of people I don't get to talk to regularly, and my mother will make her corn pudding, a dish which seems reluctant to appear when the temperature is above seventy five degrees.

This morning, I pulled out my closed toed shoes and put on socks. The weather is not yet cool, but it felt right. I enjoyed gallivanting around with my toes hanging out (and perhaps a select few other body parts), but now, summer's over. Labor Day came and went, and who wants to get caught in a chilly rainstorm in sandals?

It's September. The year is starting to lean on a crochety cane; the trees are starting to get weary of their load. It's September, one of my favorites, and I'm both glad and a little sad, but my pencils are sharpened and I have new shoes, so I think I'm probably ready after all.

Welcome, Fall.

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Ekota (kgiff) said...

What an awesome tribute to september! Beautifully written.

I too have a love hate relationship and wore socks for the first time yesterday.