Friday, September 29, 2006

The Skin I'm In

Some people drink too much when they're stressed (and by that sentence, I don't meant to claim that I never drink too much, but it's not something I do consistently as a result of stress.

No. What I do when I'm stressed? I itch.

The amount of worry on my brain is directly related to the amount of shimmyshaking, back rubbing, highly annoying scratching I do. I keep a backscratcher by the bed, and used to keep one in the car, until I lost it. No doubt while scratching myself in some parking lot.

I itch when life is stressful. I itch when I'm extra tired. I itch when I really want something, or when I'm getting something I really don't (thank goodness I've never slept with someone I loathed).

Sometimes I take a Benadryl to help, but waking up two days later with no recollection of the previous days' activities wears thin. Maybe I need Benadryl for kids.

It's gotten to the point that the question, "Will you scratch my back?" causes my husband to automatically ask, "What's bothering you?"

I remember buying my backscratchers while shopping with a friend. She was concerned about my itching. "Isn't there a lotion you can use?" I explained that the itching was more psychological than physical, and she gave me that look people give you when they are feeling simultaneously concerned for you, and lucky that they are not you.

So today, I'm at my desk regretting the decision to wear my hair down (itch, itch, itch) and wondering if these pants were really the best idea (what is this material? ITCH, ITCH, ITCH!). I'm worried about stuff.

I need my friend who had a medical procedure to check in. I need my employee who had surgery to check in. I need new curtains. I need my son to get his report card. Either that, or I'm gonna need a Benadryl.

In which case, well... see you on Tuesday.

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