Tuesday, October 24, 2006

High Hopes

I got a call last night, a wrong number. I answered and heard a man take a breath before saying, "Hello. May I speak with Rebecca, please?"


It could not have been any clearer that this was his first phone call to Rebecca. First, it was Monday. There are only two greetings which happen on a Monday night. The "Hey, it's me" greeting between people who already know each other, and the "Hello, May I speak to Rebecca, please" greetings which happen between strangers who hope to not be strangers for long.

He was clearly using his best phone voice (okay, I'm reaching, having never heard his voice, but you know how it is) and the intake of breath was not a 'I just swallowed something' but the 'I'm going in! Cover me!' intake of the newly smitten.

He probably met Rebecca that weekend. I'm taking Friday. Out with friends. Maybe he was the Wingman, and Rebecca was with her hot but morally questionable friend. Hottie and Frontman left early to go do the things Hotties and Frontmen who leave places early on a Friday night do, and Wingman and Rebecca struck up a conversation.

Because he couldn't possibly call her on Saturday, and I've decided that he went to church and then to visit his grandmother on Sunday (because he's such a nice guy), he called on Monday. He came home from work, debated about what time was too early in the evening to call and what was too late, decided on 7:30, dialed, and took a deep breath.

It was so cute. That is, if he actually did misdial and wasn't given the wrong number to begin with. Or because Rebecca was drunk and just rattled off random numbers to be witty, thinking she was actually discussing "Lost".

I hope not. I hope he got the right number, and Rebecca was home. I hope she'd been looking forward to the phone call, and that they now have a date of their own for this weekend. And that they'll fall in love, get engaged, and he'll remember that random wrong number and call me to find out what address to send the invitation to.

I can hope. Anyway.

Rebecca, I hope he turns out to be everything you've dreamed of. Good luck.

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kerry said...

great post :) I love how you have the whole story and all!