Monday, October 16, 2006

Old Man Winter

On the way home today, I had a conversation about houses with a friend. Specifically, ways to identify when you're purchased a tad bit too much house. I contributed the criteria that if the house is freezing in winter because you can't afford to heat it: that's a sign.

And then I walked into my house.

Clearly, I'd forgotten that all criteria regarding anything you have to pay for must change when my husband has entered the equation. I changed from work clothes to sweatpants, a sweatshirt, and socks, and was cold. A look at the thermostat revealed that it was set to 68 degrees. I changed it to 71.

My husband caught me as I was walking innocently back to the dining room. "What did you change it to?"

"Seventy. Possibly 71, not sure if I remember." (You see, saying you're not sure if you remember is not as much as a lie as saying you don't remember outright).

We ate dinner, and the house was a bit too warm. I conceded, suggesting we try sixty nine degrees. My husband made all sorts of juvenile faces at the number and I rolled my eyes.

Fast forward to two hours later. I'm freezing, and relay this information to my husband. He offers HIS sweatshirt. To wear in addition to mine.

Me: Honey. I'm warm now, but this is the same amount of clothes I would wear if I were outside.
Him: What's wrong with that?
Me: You don't see anything wrong with dressing the same indoors and out? In October?
Him: No. What's wrong with that?

He found a fleece zip up and put it on. The same fleece zip up that, in December, functions as the lining of his ski jacket. And I don't mean ski jacket as in fashion type. I mean, the clothing he wears when skiing. I point out to him that he is wearing clothing inside the house that he normally reserves for occasions when he has on ski boots.

Him: What's wrong with that?
Me (conceding, again): Can we at least warm up the house when we have company?
Him: Just tell people to bring their long coats.

He's kidding. I'm sure he's kidding. I'm really quite positive that he's kidding. To all my friends: please still come over. And don't worry about needing additional outerwear. We really can afford to heat the house. My husband is simply choosing not to.

Given that I married a man who unplugs rechargeable batteries after they've fully charged to avoid paying for extra electricity, I am not surprised.

And since I'm currently wearing two sweatshirts, I'm not even cold.

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