Thursday, December 7, 2006

The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year

I am in complete denial about the fact that people are going to expect to be opening presents from me in eighteen days. People like my husband and son. People who I have gone shopping for, and ended up buying, in order, two sweaters, a shirt, several pairs of socks and one pair of earmuffs.

For me.

I don't know what's wrong with me. By the time I get my act together, I am certain all the good stuff will be gone and I'll end up at TJMaxx, buying my husband that plastic golf hole-in-one kit for his office, that will never see the outside of our garage. And my son really does not need another dartboard (they have plenty at TJMaxx, however, if you're looking).

I think part of my problem is TJMaxx itself. I'm not sure what I expect if, every time I go shopping, I point my car toward the TJMaxx, Marshall's, Goodwill, and Consignment Shop, in that order and as a complete list. I think I need to venture out. Get a little wild and visit the JCPenney. Consider a Target. Something. Time is running out.

My younger sister called to inform us that she and her fiance were giving my parents a digital camera for Christmas. She wanted us to know so we didn't accidentally duplicate gifts. Ha. I was planning on buying my parents a gift card. In my defense, they really would like receiving cash to spend as they wish, but my gift card is going to pale in comparison to a digital camera, which actually required foresight and thought to pick out. Not so much a plastic Sears gift certificate.

This happens every year. Every year, I wait until the last minute and promise myself that next year will be different. And every year I flake, despite the fact that really: there are 365 shopping days until Christmas on the day I am making the promise to myself. You would think I'd get this done. I mean, shopping is my thing. Swiping my credit card? Got that down.

Part of it is the commitment. If I buy a gift today, and see something better tomorrow, I will have to return today's gift. And I am highly irreponsible about returns. I have the dependability of a crystal meth addict when it comes to returning items. I probably have enough returnable items floating around my house to cover the mortgage for the next several months. All with lost receipts. You can see how this is a problem.

Anyway, I digress.

This year, I am going to get on the stick. Sunday, I am going to go Christmas shopping. Monday at the latest. Absolutely no later than next Saturday. If I commit to absolutely, positively having all my gifts purchased by the 20th, I should be in good shape. I do not have many people to buy for. This should not be a problem. I manage a multi-million dollar account at work. I can handle buying socks for my husband and video games for the kid. Right? Right.


See you at the store Christmas Eve.

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