Monday, January 1, 2007


Today feels positively surreal.

First, Annapolis provides an absolute picturesque New Year's Eve; I couldn't imagine it being any different than if Frank Capra were directing. We headed downtown and were serenaded by fireworks and a band (troupe? group?) of thirty bagpipers in ceremonial kilts. And yes, we may be pushing forty but our inner twelve year olds still pondered if the musicians were, ahem, wearing their kilts appropriately.

But I digress.

Tomorrow is back to work and school, and we are a household in denial. The thing about January is that it 1) gets freakishly cold and 2) there are no parties. Winter may arrive in December, but it just flirts with us. It gets just cool enough so we can wear our diva boots and cute wool items, but not cold enough to actually be inconvenient. And even if it is chilly, there is a party every third day in December, promising beverages which warm you up one way or another.

But January? For a month of such pristine newness, it can certainly produce some bleak days. I mean, thank God for Martin Luther King, Jr. Not only did he provide the catalyst for significant strides in racial equality, he was generous enough to be born in January so - again, thank heavens - we don't have to go cold turkey on the three day weekends.

Same for February, and President's Day. Yes, Happy Birthday to George and company, but really: how much worse would a post-holiday winter be if we had to endure it working every day until Memorial Day? Talk about seasonal depression.

Don't get me wrong - there's a lot of good stuff about January, too. I have a very close friend who celebrates her birthday this month (I wonder if I could get away with taking the day off for that....). The first snowfall typically arrives this month and is magical and gorgeous, especially for people who own a remote starter for their cars.'s January. The month we all believe that come next holiday season, we'll be thinner/richer/saner and the new participants of some new hobby. Whether we make resolutions or not, we believe.

So here's to January. I hope my writer's block lifts and constructing a sentence ceases to be so much work. I hope I finish painting the woodwork on the staircase. I hope my son decides that the University of Maryland is, after all, his dream school (everybody repeat: in state tuition. thank you). I hope a lot of things.

Not the least of which is that at least some of the snow produces a couple of extra three day weekends. I've gotten rather spoiled. :)

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