Tuesday, February 6, 2007

It is approximately thirteen degrees outside today. We were walking around in high fifty and sixty degree weather for a good chunk of December and January, and we simply forgot. At least I forgot. I was wearing my cute, camel hair, three quarter length trench, gloveless, scarf just for effect. I perused the windows of city shops at my leisure.

Today I wore cords, a teeshirt, sweater, blazer, gloves, scarf, and a thick wool coat which falls to my ankles. In other words, I was practically naked. It is freezing.

I take back everything I said about loving four seasons. What I actually want is THREE seasons, a white Christmas, and an immediate return to spring. And I don't understand physics enough to really deal: I can see the sun. Why can't it see me? It is a ball of fire. I don't get how a difference of a few thousand miles of position can effect the temperature so much that even my dog would rather hold it all day than subject herself to the cold. We had to push her out the door.

So here I sit, space heater at my side, winter in full bloom. Days like today make you question the geographic choices in your life. I know, come spring, I will be grateful that I live in an area largely free of natural disaster occurences (the White House notwithstanding), but today? Today is COLD.


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