Friday, April 27, 2007

Mrs. Clean. Or, not....

I really must come up with a new system for keeping the house clean. My present system has a very major flaw.

My current system is to clean the house when we've invited someone over. Good news: we invite people over a lot. Bad news: Mostly.

We entertain in fits and gaps. We are in the midst of a gap, growing into two weeks and, glancing at the calendar, slated to go on for another two.

We have a dog.

This is not good.

I just remarked to a friend that if we didn't vacuum up the dog hair soon, the county might require it to get a rabies shot. A pair of my shoes has been tucked underneath the ottoman for ten days. Evidence of my last cleaning fit, a mop, has been propped up against our bathtub for days.

(Side note: if anyone has tips for cleaning a soaker bath tub, please forward them immediately. For the life of me, I do not know how to clean a tub whose sides are only reachable if you are actually IN the tub. Therefore, the tub gets cleaned after we take a bath, which is occasional at best - we are shower people. Therefore, for the first time in my life, I have a tub which actually gets really dusty. Very embarrasing).

We do our maintenance stuff - dishes, laundry, etc. - on a regular basis. We avoid having those creepy germs grow in the toilet. But the dining room table is buried beneath forgotten mail and unclipped coupons, and I could probably whip together a tidy ensemble of an outfit just by gathering up loose clothes which have been dropped, tossed and abandoned here and there.

Clearly, I can't continue to use company as the kick off. Particularly when the next scheduled visitors happen to be my inlaws, which means the house needs to go from this to pristine, two places which are currently reeeally far apart. But I'm also bad with commitments: scheduling cleaning for the same day every week will just guarantee it's skipped the same day every week. And my husband would sooner smother me in my sleep than hire a maid (and I prefer not to calculate those odds too often).

Maybe I just need to invite more people over. If you're not busy, give me a call.

And when you come, bring a broom. :)

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kgiff said...

Hey if you get any tips for cleaning the bath tub let me know. I've yet to figure out a good solution.Dak0ta