Thursday, May 17, 2007

And You Are?

Yesterday, one of the highlights of watching American Idol were the commercials starring Bruce Willis and his fourth and upcoming Die Hard movie. Yay, John McClaine! I am excited. A character I know and am familiar with is returning to the screen.

I was equally excited over the prospect of Rocky coming back, and I would not complain if Ralph Macchio decided to give a college try to waxing on, waxing off just one more time. Movies with people I know; what's not to like?

Lately, I thumb through newspapers and magazines and surf websites and have no idea who I'm looking at. I was in the process of complimenting how great the Duchess of York was looking for her age when someone pointed out that no, that was the 'other' Fergie.

I had not known there was another Fergie.

Today, the Washington Post did a review of some band I'd never heard of before. Movies keep being released starring this curly haired kid - who the hell is Shia Labeouf? Wasn't he on the Disney channel? I don't know who anybody is.

I'm sure my parents felt this. One minute, they're rocking their baby girl to sleep with the Supremes playing in the background, the next minute the radio airwaves are taken over by some upstart in an afro and his four brothers. Times change, new people emerge, this is a normal cycle.

But what about my needs? Isn't anyone going to hum along to "Candy Girls" with me and ponder the current status of Ronnie, Bobby, Ricky and Mike? Is no one at all interested in whether or not the Molly Ringwald character ended up dating the Judd Nelson character? Did Anthony Michael Hall go out with that prom queen? Did Demi Moore get evicted from her Georgetown apartment?

I dunno. I find it hard to invest myself fully in Grey's Anatomy when I'm still not clear on what happened to Dr. Ross and Nurse Carol and any new hospital drama is just going to leave me similarly hanging. And what IS that black doctor's name again? I can't keep up.

I guess this is what middle age is going to be. Me admonishing the kids next door to please turn that "music" down while I creak around to the grooving styles of Phil Collins and Billy Ocean.

Harumph. At least Denzel Washington is still making movies. Although after seeing Deja Vu, I'd advise him that the time to stop stripping down to his boxers on a fifty foot screen has come. The torch has been passed.

Apparently to Shia Labeouf.

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