Wednesday, May 9, 2007

It's The End Of The World As We Know It / I Feel Fine

You would think my husband and I would look at things differently, given that he is the calm, straight-faced, quietly observe the world type, and I am the slightly hyper, usually bored, jump into the deep end type. It would make sense if he had the positive, sunny outlook and I had the death and destruction, nuclear scene from Terminator outlook. Not so, as evidenced in a conversation we had in the car this morning.

We were sitting at a stoplight with a woman who sat staring at the pavement, her head on the window, staring blankly and without expression.

Him: I wonder what she's thinking about.

Me: Wow, she is deep in thought. Maybe she's....

Him: ...thinking her world is coming to an end.

Me: ...on her way to a doctor's appointment to find out she's pregnant?

Him: Just lost her job, and wondering how she's going to pay her mortgage.

Me: Wondering if she should go in and accept the big promotion today.

Him: Thinking about the Dear John letter she got this morning. Or, I guess, Dear Anne.

Me: Thinking about the Dear John letter she's going to write this evening, and happy about it!

Him: She looks really down.

Me: She doesn't have an expression at all. Maybe she's tired.

Him: Maybe she has cancer.

Me: So now she has to die? What is wrong with you?

Him: She's deeply worried, it's not me!

Me: She's staring at asphalt! It is you!

If I didn't find him hysterically funny, I'd be really, really worried.

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