Monday, May 21, 2007

Until The Twelvth of Never

I wrote this entry last week, May 15, and then neglected to publish it.

Yesterday, the Post Office introduced the Forever Stamp, a stamp which will still work when they raise postal rates again (brilliant marketing move, by the way. Now they can increase the frequency of price increases without people noticing as much. Anyway).

I am tickled pink that the Forever stamp was issued one day before the anniversary of my wedding, which is today. Smooches to the hubby.

To be cliche, it feels simultaneously as if we've been married forever, and as if we were just married yesterday. But enough mooning. I'm often asked by people who are not married what marriage is like, or if I like being married (I always think, of course I like being married. If I didn't, you would be asking me how I liked being divorced. ANYway).

Here's a bit of what I've learned about marriage:

1. It's possible to still have your heart race when a car pulls into the driveway. Especially if you haven't put away your new shopping yet.

2. It's possible to maintain the ability to produce a kick ass kiss.

3. It's possible to be completely stilled by the unexpected stare of beautiful eyes.

4. You can be absolutely enraged with someone and still think they have a great ass.

5. You can be absolutely enraged with someone and still feel a little nervous if they become enraged back.

6. Most people think marriage is either a hell of a lot harder, or a hell of a lot easier, than it actually is.

7. Having a roommate earlier in life is good practice for marriage only if you are open to punctuating your disagreements with make-up sex.

8. You realize how much you really love someone when you still love them while they are wearing that outfit.

9. And all of those outfits magically appear only after you've said "I Do."

10. Or, at least that's what I claim to my friends.

Confidential to my husband ~ You never read my blog. You want to give me my privacy. And because you are always giving me things like that, I am always going to be willing to give my all back.

Happy Anniversary, baby.

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kgiff said...

Awe.... what a great post!

Happy Anniversary to Mr and Mz Mannerz