Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Really Big Problems Like This

I don't know what I'm going to do if I can't somehow convince the world at large that we need world peace, and consistent use of the order seperator bars at the grocery store?

Is it just me? It can't just be me.

I get in line. Either I'm stuck holding my heavy assed gallon of milk because the person in front of me won't move up and I was deluded enough, once again, to think I wouldn't need a cart for one piddly item, or I'm stuck standing guard over my one gallon of milk because the person in front of me won't, damn it, pick up the dang order seperator and put it behind his items!

Was that one sentence? Anyway.

Is this such a hard concept? Put items on belt. Place order seperator behind items. Peruse National Enquirer and People Magazine. So few people do this. Even when I set a good example and do it for the person behind me, more often than not they fail to follow suit. And then the poor cashiers are stuck waving heads of lettuce and boxes of Bran Flakes, asking who is planning to pay for what.

Alright. Vent over. I do have real problems in life, I swear. Like those people who don't neatly stack their plastic shopping basket at the beginning of the checkout line. :P

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kerry said...

I can so relate Mz Mannerz - but my bigger rant - is the people who can't count how many items they have. If the line says - 20 items or fewer it does mean 36 items (yes I count the people's items in front of me and make rude comments!!)