Saturday, December 15, 2007

And speaking of moving...

My husband and I sometimes discuss places we'd each be open to moving to if the circumstances presented themselves. These conversations feed my wanderlust tendencies quite nicely, as my imagination does a nice job of subsituting for reality.

Our list contains the usual well known places. Tonight we discussed New York. I informed him that the only place I'd live in New York was Manhatten. And then lay forth the housing parameters I'd require, all of which would essentially quadruple our monthly housing costs.

My husband's biggest fear? Having to worry about money. He does not ever want to live a life where he must worry about making ends meet. This does not fit into my New York visions, a place where I'd probably cause the poor man to somersault right out the window of our pre-war apartment with doorman.

I informed him tonight that my coming home to him teetering on the building ledge was a visual which would probably scratch New York off our lists. Or at least make me consider a nice neighborhood in Brooklyn. Either way, we might have to add Manhatten to that other list of ours - places we wouldn't live unless they were the last post-nuclear holocaust cities with radiation free air, and even then we'd need to think about it. I'll refrain from being specific.

So much planet, and so little time.

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nutmeg96 said...

You'd hate living in Manhattan, believe me. For about 10,000 reasons. Gentrified Brooklyn, though -- I know you'd love.