Monday, December 17, 2007

Getting Carded

Generally, I am big on Christmas cards. I stalk the stationary and card stores for my yearly selection, leaning strongly toward the slightly ostentatious. Glitter and gold leaf writing are especial favorites. I give one to literally every person in my corporate office, and get much satisfaction out of completing cards to my ever growing personal list, too.

My mother in law keeps a notebook logging cards received. If you do not send her a card two years in a row, you get knocked off her list. I am far less disciplined... I usually send cards to everyone on my list regardless of whether or not they've ever sent a card to me (this last group unfortunately includes people like my own sister). I am more excited to flaunt my gaudy glittered card than I am interested in putting people into card detention.

So I felt rather justified this year when I decided to toy with the idea of skipping the holiday card distribution task. I told myself I was pregnant and tired, and that I was not interested in sending out the flimsy, glitterless notebook paper thickness cards my husband would surely unearth from some discount bin at the food warehouse. I would not send cards in 2007.

This, of course, has resulted in my receiving a card from every person I have ever crossed paths with. High school friend I haven't had a conversation with in five years? Sent a card. Elderly ex-neighbor who really - I wasn't quite, uh, sure would even see Christmas 2007? Sent a card. I expect to see a card in the mail any day now from some nameless person I sat next to on the metro once. Whereas most years I send more cards than I receive, this year we are being drowned in cards. Custom photo cards, painstakingly crafted homemade cards, cards printed on stock which probably cost more per ream than the computer I'm typing on... all received.

Of course.

At this point in the game, I have only a few options. I can send husband out for said uninspired cards and send them, certain to be late arrivals. I can draft a family newsletter and ignore the fact that we've accomplished nothing that everyone isn't already aware of. Or, I can stick to my original plan to skip cards this year, and choke on the guilt of Hallmark envelopes arriving by the truckload.

I don't yet know what I'm going to do, however: if you do not receive a card from me this year, please know that it is NOT because I didn't long to spill gold and silver glitter on your difficult to clean carpeting. If it's the thought that counts, my gaudy mental card is probably the biggest one on your mantel.

Gold leaf writing and all.

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