Sunday, February 17, 2008

Zoom Zoom Zoom

My husband is a Nascar fan. Well, that's an incomplete statement: my husband is a sports fan, and Nascar is a sport, therefore he is a Nascar fan (as well as Formula One and that other racing venture called, uh, whatever it's called).

I have cultured a growing interest in football. I can attend baseball games and get into the spirit. I spent part of New Year's Eve watching some guy on a motorcycle jump over a pile of dirt. Twice. But auto racing? I do not get this sport.

He is watching right now. With frowned concentration. I interrupted.

"Honey, I'm sorry. I really don't see how this requires concentration."

"This is the last thirty laps."

"Which look exactly like the first thirty laps."

Auto racing is watching a bunch of cars go in circles for several hours. How is this interesting? I contend that he only watches for the crashes, which he denies. Yet the crashes are the only unique occurences in the entire event.

I could probably understand if he actually attended a race. I've been to Charlotte, and it is quite the spectacle before you even enter the stadium I mean racetrack. No other sport can quite compare. But on television? On television, motor racing is, well, a bunch of cars going around in circles for several hours.

This has me concerned. If I am married to a man who finds this mind numbing activity interesting, what does this say about the interest he has in me? Suddenly the possibility that I am not the witty, charming gal I imagine myself to be is quite large. It is conceivable that I am as dry as toast, given that I attracted a guy who is content to stare, well, at a bunch of cars going around in circles for several hours.

Anyway. There are a group of cars getting ready to pit at the Daytona 500. For non-fans, this means they are going to get their tires changed. Again, this is somewhat interesting to watch in person, as most people can't change one tire in the time it takes a pit crew to change all four. Watching this on television, however, is only slightly more interesting than watching a bunch of cars....

I'll spare you.

Seventeen laps to go. Oooh, boy. ~sigh~

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Nicole said...

Okay we can remain friends, but I am not sure how I feel about your other half now that I know he watches Nascar (which is not a sport by the way). :p