Monday, September 21, 2009

In The Saddle Again

I realize it's crazy, and if you don't, allow me to help you along. This page? Does not really exist. This page is a visual representation of the (millions of?) little ones and zeroes called code. It's The Matrix. I can no more physically visit this page than I can count on getting a sexually suggestive phone call from George Clooney.

But I'm better here. I don't know why.

I thought I needed a change, and so launched a new blog. Rather dramatically, with an announcement that I was now officially a writer writing an official novel, apparently all to an official soundtrack, with songs accompanying each post. Funny thing is, what it turns out I needed was a break.

I never connected with the other page. Nothing flowed. I was not inspired to update it. I became annoyed with the songs. I'm not really a multi-media person. I'm more of a... writer. Of an unpublished novel, yes, but also of a blog. This blog. Which I missed.

I've been sneaking over here for months, reading my old posts, wondering where the spark that fed them was going to show up so I could blog again. Apparently the spark is embedded somewhere in the above mentioned code.

So Rants and Raves is back. And so am I. I'm still writing (and still unpublished. I'm very consistent there). I'm still observing the world.

And apparently, I'm still MzMannerz.

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Rachelrq said...

Yay! Glad you're back!