Thursday, December 31, 2009

Go For Launch

We're a little less than six hours away from 2010. I'm home with Mr. Mannerz and my twins, sipping champagne. This is not where I planned to be, but like so often is the case, it's exactly where I need to be to ring in this year. I'll call my parents in a few minutes, to bid adieu to their 2009 selves. Next call will be to MiniMannerz 1.0, who is away. And then I'll sit down and welcome in the New Year, which I hope will bring with it the granting of at least a few of my wishes.

I'll turn forty this year, and I'm thoroughly excited to meet forty year old me.

To all of you, from my one loyal follower to my friends to the new readers to the lurkers in India (that's really cool - thank you):

Happy New Year!

To God:

I'd really love it if everyone I'm ringing in the New Year with this year could also be ringing in 2011 with me, too. Thank you.

God bless.


Unknown said...

Hi -

Just wanted to say I read your entry in Nathan's contest. I likey.

Good luck!


Annapolady said...

Thank you!