Tuesday, March 30, 2010

From Bare to Bears

Seeing as my mother told me this would happen, I have no right to complain. She said, repeatedly, specifically, that if I walked around in bare feet all the time, my feet would get big.

I walk around with bare feet all the time.

My feet are big.

I grew up in the wall to wall carpeting era. Everyone covered up their hardwood and put down some variance of beige low pile carpet (and sometimes shaggy. Remember that? Also, sometimes, really un-beige, but we have moved on and shall not discuss it). Shoes were easy on carpet if you didn't mind vacuuming and had a healthy relationship with Stanley Steemer.

Since leaving home, I've lived in a series of carpet free places. My first apartment had original wood floors before that became the thing to do again - the landlord was too cheap to buy carpet. Since then, hardwood floors have exploded in popularity again and this time, everyone wants to keep it looking nice since it's no longer a standard, but an upgrade.

And this means bare feet. Shoes scuff, mark, and otherwise prove that people actually live in a house, and why should I support that? So I've been walking around barefoot for a long time. Between that and my pregnancies (during which everything grew. You should check out my ears), my feet are now huge. Perhaps not water vessels, but definitely oars.

I used to wear a size nine. I was proud of my nine. Nine seemed just large enough to have presence, but not so large as to need custom made socks.

Now I buy a nine and a half. If the shoes are extraordinarily cute and don't come any larger. Preferably, I buy a ten. There have been as many injuries from my children attempting to flop around the house in my boat sized shoes as any other.

Meanwhile, my mother is almost always wearing some sort of shoe unless she's in bed. She continues to measure a dainty size seven.

I do eat my vegetables like she told me to.

And my hardwood floors? Gleaming.

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L.Duncan@Home23DuncanBoys said...

Umm...Try a size 11! My feet grew 2 sizes after having my first and second child. I would love to hop into a size 10 right about now!

Thanks for your comment on my blog yesterday. I was afraid to post that, but it had been tugging at me for awhile now.

have a great day!