Tuesday, March 9, 2010

It's In The Bag

It's almost Easter, which has me thinking about dresses, and bonnets, and purses, and that got me thinking about the contents of my purse, versus the contents of my mother's.

I've been a parent for nearly nineteen years now, and I have yet to produce an adequate mom bag. This is ridiculous, considering I was raised by the Queen of Mom Bags, and really: I should know better.

My mother's purse does not have compartments. It has departments. Multiple entrances. An escalator, with signage (hosiery? Top of the stairs, to the right). My mother can produce the remedy to any problem via the contents of her bag. Coughing in church? Here's a mint. Unexpected tears? Take a hanky. There are bobby pins for flyaway hair, and lip gloss for chapped lips. Mirrors. Paper clips. A wrapped package of crackers (always, somehow, fresh). My mother could probably produce the ingredients for a pot roast and mashed potatoes if asked.

Then there's my bag. I have a wallet and plastic cards. I could not produce a photograph of my own children if asked. I rarely have more than a single dollar. If you are coughing in church, I will suggest you go outside. If my children suddenly sprout leaky noses, I tend to look at them as if they might also produce a handkerchief if I wish hard enough. I am, purse wise, absolutely no help to anyone at all.

I do carry one another thing consistently: receipts. Generally, I have handfuls of receipts for stores that do not take returns. I keep these receipts in my purse for months, until I have an epiphany (often in the form of a paper cut) and throw them away. While I have yet to resort to wiping my children's noses with my receipts, I cannot say I have never considered the idea.

So yes. I need to reexamine the contents of my purse. Perhaps purchasing a small packet of Kleenex will be a good start. A few mints. And if I can't find any, I know exactly what to do.

I'll ask my mother to look in her purse.


Tulips said...

Love it!

Nicole said...

I think I would have to start carrying a bigger purse to live up to your mother.

nancylove said...
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L.Duncan@Home23DuncanBoys said...

your moms bag reminds me of my grandmothers! there was a cure for everything in it!