Saturday, April 10, 2010

The Weight of Water

This hasn't happened to me (recently) so my panties aren't in a twist because I've been insulted, they're just in a twist because I'm confused.

A few times in the last few weeks, a friend has posted a Facebook update celebrating weight loss, and at least one person has responded to them with something like this:

"Water weight! Isn't it motivating?"

Are you with me, yet? How many times have you dropped a few pounds/begun a new diet only to have a helpful person point out that you really haven't accomplished anything at all, because the first few pounds you lose are only water.

'Scuse me. Our bodies are something like seventy percent water. If you lose a hundred pounds, you are losing a great deal of "water weight".

'Scuse me again, but remember that old point your science teacher made in middle school? You know, the one where she pointed out that a pound of feathers and a pound of coal both weighed the same. A. Pound. One was not heavier than the other. Therefore, why does it matter if the first few pounds are water or not?

I know. When you fail to maintain a healthy diet and skimp on water, your body retains water and you get puffy. I am a woman, I know water retention. I'm not saying these very helpful people are wrong. I'm just wondering what the point is.

To lose your initial water weight, you need to eat properly and drink plenty of water. To lose any amount of weight, you need to eat properly and drink plenty of water. It is the same. It is an achievement.

My suggestion for what you should say the next time you are met with news of someone's (intended, welcomed) weight loss?

Congratulations! You look great.

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L.Duncan@Home23DuncanBoys said...

it sound like jealousy to me for them to comment like that. people do similar things like that to me a lot. for instance, I'm planning a party for my two year old. I rarely do birthday parties for my kids, but when I do, I try to make them great. anyway, I was excited to share my purchases for the party with a "friend" and the only thing she could say was "well all that stuff is for you". "a two year old don't care about that". first of all, I didn't ask for that type of response. I didn't even ask for her opinion on the party itself, but because she isn't creative like I am (not tooting my own horn) she preferred to dis me.

sorry for the long comment. in short, yeah I don't like stuff like that either. if you don't have something nice or encouraging to say, then don't say anything at all:-) have a good night hun!