Tuesday, May 11, 2010

How to Talk to Fat People. Et Cetera.

Sometimes I get a good chuckle out of people who routinely break tiny rules here and there (speeding, anyone?) but suddenly find their moral compass when called upon to lie to someone they care about. It makes me wonder, shouldn't we save some of our sin for a good cause?

I'm talking about the people who can't think of anything to say when a friend in a hideous dress asks how she looks. If this is dress still has tags and she's asking you in the department store's dressing room, please answer truthfully. If she's asking you in the middle of a restaurant where you're meeting for drinks, how does making her more self conscious about her appearance in a public place help? You can always innocently email links to more flattering clothing later. Et cetera.

When a friend or loved one wants your opinion on an action that isn't going to maim or kill them, you, or anyone else, is it so bad to tell them what they want to hear every now and again? I tell you what: you can even trade naughties and start traveling at exactly the speed limit or under when you drive, if it makes you feel more balanced. I would never want anyone to carry the weight of a white lie without some assistance.

And PS: Yes, I CAN tell you've lost/gained weight, your new haircut is perfection, and you look GREAT in those shoes. Ahem. Really.

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