Tuesday, August 24, 2010

I Just Don't Think So.

I've been busy with work and have been spending a considerable amount of time in hotels. Things should slow down soon, but I couldn't help but have this observation last night as I wheeled my overnight case into an Extended Stay Suites.

So far, I have stayed in a single efficiency, a one bedroom suite, and a two bedroom suite at various hotels. The efficiencies and one bedroom suites all tend to have adorable little two burner cooktops set into the countertop. The two bedroom suites generally have full four burner stoves, complete with ovens and the attendant oven trays and accessories.

Hotels  apparently think people who book two bedroom suites cook more than people who book smaller hotel rooms. Hotels apparently think people with families cook more than single people.


I just had to take a moment to assure innkeepers that families are spending just as much time in front of the microwave as single people. Especially in a hotel while we question the decision to stuff our families into approximately the same square footage as a tuna can. We may be microwaving chicken nuggets instead of popcorn (or in addition to), but trust me, trust: the last thing parents want to do in your two bedroom suites is produce a meal that necessitates four different burners and a full sized oven.

Either that, or the Mannerz family is peopled only with complete slackers....?

Wait, don't answer that.

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