Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Light In The Middle Of The Tunnel

A week or so ago, I needed help with something and called my father. He helped. He made a few phone calls and voila - information gained, problem resolved. Considering this, it would really be the old pot calling the kettle black if I allowed myself to do a blog post on how long it takes to finish raising your children because I have suddenly realized that however long it is, it is nowhere near now, at least when it concerns my kids.

I like to joke that I am burning the candle at both ends. A typical evening will find me yelling saying the following things in rapid succession:

Sit down and eat your peas.
Who's car is in the driveway?
We don't throw our food on the floor.
Can you mow the lawn tonight?
No, we sit down while we are eating.
Did you register for tutoring?
We don't need to put shoes on right now, okay?
Do you have to work tomorrow?

Strangers listening through an open window (as if any window in the MidAtlantic has been opened at any time recently) might conclude that I have a really strange roommate.

All of my children are busy transitioning. Transitioning into adulthood from childhood. Transitioning into childhood from infancy. Everybody needs guidance and help and the occasional chocolate chip cookie. No one is happy when they don't get their way. All of them produce more laundry than they actually own clothes (I swear this is somehow true).

I am mentally and physically exhausted. There is a problem to solve one hundred percent of the time.

I wouldn't trade it for the world.

Well, I wouldn't trade it permanently  for the world. Truth be told. :D

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