Friday, September 10, 2010

I really am trying to blog...

I am just too busy lately to get quiet enough (and by that I mean both in body and mind) to write much. Here's one I started, but haven't finished. I'm publishing it anyway's my blog, and I can.

Ah, Control. How I've missed you these past few weeks!


I went to a friend's house yesterday, and it was a nice house.

I went to another friend's house a couple of days ago, and it was also a nice house.

In fact, all the friend's houses/condos/apartments I have been to in recent years have been nice houses. When did this happen?

Twenty years is a long time, but it seems like yesterday to me, and twenty years ago, what you would have found when visiting any of my friend's houses was a toss up. You might have driven up to a lovely, two story brick townhouse with late model economy car parked outside. Just as frequently, the home would be lovely and the car would be, well, likely to be banned from American roadways the next time it was inspected. Or, you might find the cutest Honda Civic you ever did see, parked outside of a home that was only a single family because the two adjacent townhomes had earlier burned down.

I remember a friend who was battling such a mouse problem that he resorted to covering his entire floor with those sticky traps, leaving only a hop scotch like path through each room (this same friend drove a car that had long ago lost its gear shift - he used a butter knife instead. Seriously). I remember another friend who had painstakingly picked out beautiful sheets for her king sized mattress, which sat on the floor of her bedroom and was the only thing in the room. I, myself, lived in a house that forced me to the laundromat for several months, after the washing machine broke and I realized that someone had placed the machine inside the bathroom before they built the bathroom door. The machine was too big to squeeze through the door, so in addition to a new machine, I had to have a new door constructed as well.

Now my friends live in houses with working washing machines, bedroom dressers and without scores of rodents. In other words, everyone has grown up....


I'll come back to this eventually. Stay tuned.

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Unknown said...

You just live too far away to visit me & walk down memory lane.

I went with no bathtub/shower in the house for 1 month - at least I was forced to go to the gym more. One cannot walk into the Y just to shower, you really do appear homeless despite wearing really cute work out clothes.

Now I have a working bathtub...but no walls or permanent flooring - going on 3 months now.

Warning to all women do not move in with a do-it-yourselfer who is also a procrastinator.

1 month ago I said "Can we have the bathroom done before my sister visits for Thanksgiving?" I try to be patient. His reply "I cannot guarantee that".

At least he has stopped lying to me. He originally told me it would take 3 weeks.