Sunday, December 19, 2010

New Post.

It's been so long since I blogged, the work of coming up with a workable title was beyond me. This is, simply, a new post.

I always cringe a little inside when I say I've been busy, or that I've had a lot going on. Everyone is busy. Everyone has a lot going on. I don't know a single person who would say they have buckets of time to fill and are always looking for something to do. Rather, I only know people whose lives are pretty booked, and they prioritize by what needs to be done, followed by what they want to do. It's the last one that trips people up, because no one wants to admit that what you are inquiring about, which is obviously of interest to you, is something they simply do not have enough of a longing to make time for. (This is why people who own televisions but do not watch the show you just brought up in conversation will tell you, "I don't watch a lot of TV." They watch TV. They just don't watch your TV shows).

But I digress.

There are things developing in my life that I am not of a mind to blog about yet. Old things, new things...things. That's why I've been silent. I realize it's difficult to gain a following and get bunches of comments and whatnot if treat your blog like a pair of cast off socks you only wear when everything else is in the laundry. That's never been the purpose of my blog, however, so I hope my six point two readers will hang in there with me while I sort through the yarn the universe has wrapped around my being.

I'll be back. For heaven's sake, bookmark me or put me in a reading service, so you'll know. I appreciate it.


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Tulips said...

I'll be here when you come back.