Saturday, April 9, 2011

My Mother

I lost my mother on March 27th, 2011.
I will see her again someday.
I will ache for her every day in between.


L.Duncan said...

So sorry to hear that:(

You know, when I hear stories like this, it makes me question not talking to my mom. I love her so much, but she has done me so wrong. Maybe one day we can have a relationship.

You know, I lost my grandmother about 5 years ago. I miss her EVERYDAY. When I'm washing dishing and the little buble float in the air around me, I like to think that it's her. Silly, I know, but it gives me a reason to think she is still with me. That's why I was dishes everyday by hand!

I hope you are doing good!

MzMannerz said...

I'm just seeing this, L. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts (love the bubble) and for your kind words.

I hope that one day you and your mother are able to reconcile. I know it's not always simple. Hang in there.