Monday, June 20, 2011

Friends vs. Acquaintances

I have too many Friends on Facebook.

I'd prefer to get updates from the handful of people I have an intimate friendship with, and too often have to wade through the thoughts of people I forget exist until some random update pops up.

Not that the latter group is any less anything than everyone else - it's natural to have a small group of close friends and a larger circle of acquaintances, and that's just life. If I'd known then what I know now, I would have been more careful about who I selected as a friend - randomly chatting you up in a bar would have not, I'm afraid, have passed the sniff test.

I'd like to go back and delete these folks, who ignore my musings just as consistently as I ignore theirs, but I'm afraid of hurting feelings (this is probably silly). If they deleted me, it would be much tidier. I surmise my true friend list is closer to fifteen than it is the nearly three hundred souls I sift through now - and I'm betting a lot of people feel the same way. Not even the lists they allow you to create do quite the same job as never having a glut of people on a friend list in the first place.

Or maybe - I'm missing some huge, important point.



kgiff said...

So you know I have a thought on this ;-)

There is the ability to hide people in your feed. Hover over their name and clck on the x and select hide updates from. It's a wonderful feature. I use it often.

Another idea is to put the 10 or 15 people into a group. You can select that groups updates and then just see the updates for those particular people.

I do like having that connection however weak to all these people from different parts of my life. But I don't feel the need to share with all of them. And don't feel I need to hear about bodily fluids, office flings, their love of the bizarre or whatever other inappropriate thing they feel the need to share.

However, there have also been some interesting connections made over the years...

Annapolady said...

Amateur stuff! ;-) Seriously - I've done all the above and have all the recommended settings - and I still have to go in search of updates and pics from so many people. They do a great job of not showing people you hide, but not a great job of showing people you want to see. It's a common FB complaint that I'm beginning to think can only be resolved by truncated lists overall.

I do see your point about having a connection of some sort - agreed for most of my list!