Sunday, June 12, 2011


I want to make a scoreboard for my son's room, to go over his bed. I envision something like this:

Except I want the full scoreboard, so longer, and I'm thinking of something with a greener background (as in color, not environmental impact).

What I need to complete this project:

- A canvas. I have one I can paint over and repurpose - it's large enough and would save about $100 (going rate for a gigantic canvas from the craft supply store). But reusing requires lots of priming to cover the existing pic of a soccer player (don't ask).

- Energy.

- Weather that allows me to work in the garage without passing out from heat.

If we ever build an addition on to this house, it will include a well ventilated studio that I can putter in year round. For now, the garage is the only place to save my family from paint fumes, and I don't work in the garage unless the temperature is much cooler than our mid-Atlantic heatwave has been allowing.

And when you live near water, going outside in high heat is equivalent to diving into a can of soup. Visits to the beach, yes. Gigantic canvas painting - no.

I'll update when I've started.

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