Friday, September 23, 2011

Not To Make Fun Of You, But....

Some people put way too much information in their Craigslist ads. Examples below.

"Loft/Trundle Bed for sale. Slide out desk & writing area, wooden chair & both twin mattresses included. Kinda need gone soon, we are purchasing new bedroom furniture. Was purchased new for $2600 two years ago. We share custody of the child it was for, so its hardly used. In PERFECT condition."

New rule: Details of your custody agreement do not belong in a Craigslist ad.

"The set was never "used" much at all. Was in a formal living room with very little usage. Divorce lends to a different life! So my loss is your gain... I need to move on!"

New rule: Never let the presence of a sofa keep you from moving on. Sub Rule A: Always use your formal living room. Reading a book? Sit there.  Sub Rule B:  I'm not saying this was the cause of the divorce, but everyone should edit for inappropriate quotation mark "usage" before posting.

 This title was a little scary:

Divorce Sale-Everything will go

 I do hope the other party realizes that things are being sold.


And here's this last one:

Paid $699 just a year ago, but will accept $200 because I lost the matching End Tables in the divorce.

If ever there was an argument for not going matchy matchy... hey, they brought it up, not me. :)

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