Monday, September 5, 2011


I originally wrote this post several years ago. I'm reposting it now, because I know someone I'd like to read one of the random thoughts. Here's hoping s/he does.

Random, Useless Thoughts

I believe the reason I can't remember anything important is because my brain is stuffed full of ideas about things that, coupled with a dollar, wouldn't buy me a cup of coffee. Much less a double expresso latte foam mocha soy (I don't drink coffee. Is that right?).

Anyway, I'm dumping:

1. There are a lot of people who seem to believe that placing a plant on top of an ugly piece of furniture will disguise the fact that the furniture is ugly. Sorry folks, it will not. Embrace your ugly furniture. We all have some.

2. Speaking of plants, someone should educate office workers around the globe: it really isn't that attractive to watch you grow plants from roots in little cups and containers situated on the rim of your cube. Stop it.

3. The accident is not the reason for the traffic jam. Stopping to look at the accident is the reason for the traffic jam.

4. Models are tall. Models are used when clothes are made. Why then, are regular pants so damn short? Why do tall women like me have to buy clothes labeled tall from special sections and stores? Shouldn't the regular pants be tall, and the special sections be for the vertically challenged?

5. When your teenager says they don't have any homework, they are almost always lying.

6. Speaking of homework and school: whoever came up with the idea of educating twenty to thirty teenages in one room with one adult? A teacher must have pissed that person off.

7. People are never as excited about events in your life as you are. Brides and mothers, please repeat that ten times.

8. On that note, there is no child on earth more gorgeous than mine. Parents, accept that this is what other parents are thinking even as they coo over this week's pictures.

9. There are never enough size nine shoes in the shoe store. And if it's true that that's because size nine is the most popular shoe size, why don't they just make twice the amount of size nine shoes?

10. If you are not at least a size ten, I am not the least bit interested in hearing about your diet woes. You have no woe.

11. When you think you are getting over on someone, stop and consider that just maybe, they are letting you think that because they want to get over on you.

12. To be open minded must begin to mean more than being non-traditional.

13. I have always had particularly GOOD luck on Friday the 13th. If I believed in luck, which I don't. I believe in blessings.

14. Perhaps the point isn't to get over him or her, but to know you can move on for your best interests, in spite of how you feel.

15. A coworker has pie waiting for me. I am going. :)

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