Wednesday, February 29, 2012

My Two Hundred Cents

In line at the drugstore yesterday, I found myself behind a woman who was being rude to the cashier. The cashier was a twenty year old guy - I recognized him as a friend of my oldest son's. He'd been in my basement several times, noshing on snacks, playing XBOX games and watching crude potty humor cartoons. In that "takes a village" sense, it kind of felt like she was yelling at one of my kids.

First, let me point out that she probably couldn't help herself. Anyone who is not Laura Ingalls but still chooses to wear mid-calf length boots with just below the knee skirts obviously has poor decision making skills, and I shouldn't judge. Nonetheless, I found myself judging this woman who decided to make a scene with a teenager over a two dollar coupon.

I realize two dollar coupons in a drugstore are on the higher end savings wise, but in the end: it's two dollars. I'm pretty sure my screaming threshold is no lower than a thousand dollars. Several hundred at worst. The loss of two dollars might not make me happy, but it isn't going to make me send verbal nastygrams to a cashier.

But I digress.

The cashier kept his voice calm and avoided eye contact in that way that barely post adolescent boys have perfected. He called his manager (at the Little House on the Prairie woman's snippy suggestion), who swooped in and told the woman that this glitch had been occurring all day and they would not charge her two dollars extra. The manager then pointedly looked at the cashier and said, "Don't worry, this is not your fault."

The customer said nothing else. What could she say? "I'm sorry I reacted as if this young man was willfully withholding two dollars from me based on my ugly boots, when it turns out he was just doing his job?"

Mean people suck. Especially when they're in less than desirable footwear.

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