Wednesday, March 7, 2012

I Love This Dresser

In fact, I love the entire Ikea Hemnes series.

Do I trust the Ikea Hemnes series? I have a love/hate relationship with this furniture. I love the crisp look (and loved it even more in yellow, which is no longer offered). Ikea furniture doesn't have dove tailed drawers and whatnot, but it's largely cute and functional.

Unfortunately, as the owner of a Hemnes chest (eight drawer), I can tell you that the drawers require periodic repair to the tune of about once a month. My husband gallantly swoops in and glues something together and voila! We're back to business. Disappointing, but not a game changer if the piece is used in a low traffic area, like in an entry where you're not opening the drawers daily. In my son's bedroom - perhaps not such a good idea in hindsight.

But I love me some Hemnes. They always catch my eye. Maybe one day they'll have one in robin's egg blue....

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