Saturday, March 10, 2012

A Kick In The Right Direction

The other day, sprawled on the floor with my pants hiked up because I was warm, my sister noted that my legs were pale.

Well, what she actually said was, "Your legs look ridiculous."

Compared to the skin on the back of my hand, my legs are from another ethnic group and country altogether. In Crayola terms, about twenty different, brilliant colors separate the hue of my legs from that of my arms and face.

I wear a lot of pants. Sunshine doesn't penetrate fabric very easily.

"I hate my legs so I wear a lot of pants," I said.

My sister pointed out two reasons I shouldn't hate my legs: they are long, and they are thin. And that's the point. My legs don't match the rest of me. It's as if someone photoshopped Naomi Campbell's legs onto an egg.

"So let's review," said my sister. "The choices are to appreciate your legs, get new legs, or not have legs. Girl, you need to put on some shorts this summer."

I definitely don't want to cut off my legs, which is the only way I'm aware of to either a) not have legs or b) get new legs, so I think beginning to appreciate my legs is probably the way to go.

So this spring and summer, I'm going to try wearing shorts. In the sun. In hopes of avoiding having my doctor tell me that I am now only Vitamin D deficient below my hips.

Who knows. I might even graduate someday to a skirt. But let's not get crazy quite yet.

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Tulips said...

Dresses!!! You are missing the beauty of dresses. It is one piece dressing. You put it on and boom! you're out the door. There are very casual dresses and work dresses and dressy dresses!

I heart dresses - especially when it is (bleeping) hot.