Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Once More, With Feeling

I like the idea of reincarnation (mostly - more on that in a bit). It's one of those things that I don't really believe in but think would be incredible if it were true.

I'm not in disbelief about reincarnation because I am a Christian. I don't think the two concepts are necessarily mutually exclusive. In fact, it makes sense to me that God might determine a person needed one more go (or twenty) for whatever reason. Without knowing for certain precisely what the afterlife is like ("good" seems a lacking description), it's not tough to imagine that perhaps we even choose to come back out of interest, or to complete something, or just a sense of not yet being done.

But reincarnation might have some faults. No one really talks about the possibility of coming back as something less than desirable. It might sound romantic to return as a butterfly, but really: a butterfly's life is like living in a continual episode of Survivor. Who wants to spend their days hiding from giant birds and eeking out droplets of nectar from plants to prevent starvation?

Or you could come back as one of those indigenous jungle people... the ones the world really knows very little about other than the fact that they still perform human sacrifices and live without indoor plumbing.

So I guess it's more accurate to say I like the idea of reincarnation only if I am guaranteed to return as a middle class or higher citizen of a developed country with nice parents who will buy me a pony.

Because other than that, what's the point of coming back again? ;)

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