Thursday, November 22, 2012


This is for you, ___________.

Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays, and one of my favorite parts of it is at the end of the evening when I'm putting scrubbed pots and shiny dishes back in the places they belong. I like how quickly the kitchen descends into chaos and then rises from the ashes to once again be sparkling and clean (sometimes cleaner than when the meal prep started).

It's a metaphor. Life can get messy, but out of the mess good, satisfying and comforting things can be created. And then, sated and content, having indulged the senses and spoiled ourselves rotten without regret or guilt (for once), we summon a second wind and return to order and sensibility.

We are neither consumed by the mess nor ruined by the indulgence. Everything returns to normal eventually - even if it is a new normal because your gravy boat is badly cracked. Things function again. We'll get up tomorrow, make coffee, read the paper, and move on.

No matter what it is: this too, shall pass.

Happy Thanksgiving.

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