Sunday, December 23, 2012

Boughs of Holly

(Hmm. I don't actually have any boughs of holly and, come to think of it, I don't really know what a bough of holly looks like.)

I digress.

After a slow start, we have our holiday decorations up and blinking. This year, I think I'll take advantage of some of the after Christmas sales to fill in some of the holes and try new things next year. For instance, I'd like to have more than one Christmas tree - at least one outside on a small porch that really serves no other purpose but to hold a Christmas tree, and maybe even a third on our ground/entry level.

I am also eyeing this monogrammed wreath hanger from Pottery Barn.

But for now, I think we're okay.

 And as for boughs of holly - my primary care physician, Dr. Google, is quite knowledgeable on that subject as well. Holly leaves twisted into a garland = boughs of holly. Don't forget the berries. And now that that baby is put to bed, we can all have Christmas.

Merry Christmas.

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