Tuesday, January 8, 2013

A Touch Down

This is what separates me, a person who enjoys football, from an actual football fan: I am rather glad that the season is over for the teams I root for.

Sunday, The Washington Redskins went down in a familiar story that plays out, ironically, in nursing homes and football fields with equal frequency. Bad knees. We lost to the Seattle Seahawks, a team that I always kind of forget exists. Weren't they an expansion team at some point? Never mind that this particular expansion happened when I was six. I'm still of the mind that those extra teams don't yet count. I have no reason for this.

Yesterday, The Alabama Crimson Tide became national champions for the second time in a row, in a strange football game that somehow co-starred not the Notre Dame team of 2012, but the one from 2011. It was fun.

And it's been exhausting. Especially with the Redskins. Are they a losing team? Are they a winning team? Do they have a streak? Will they be beaten? Who can take this kind of pressure all the time? I cannot.

I am a black and white person. I do not do well in gray areas. Football games are two hours of gray area, wondering if a pass will be intercepted, if a player will be tackled, if the guy who went down is going to get back up, who will win, who will lose. I am anxious among so many unanswered questions.

Of course, the reprieve of the off season is short lived when you are married to a person who follows a slew of red hued teams, from the Redskins to the Tide to Arsenal to the Nationals. And has given me the punch (red, natch), which I drank completely. We really don't have off seasons. We have off days. Random moments when a sporting event in which we have a vested interest isn't occurring. Mostly while we are sleeping.

It's kind of like a seasonal anxiety disorder, only the season never really ends. I am in the San Diego of sports viewership - the same weather repeats and is ongoing, which is really just another word for unrelenting.

So. I'm rather glad to be off for the moment.  Please don't tell. :)

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